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Luguburu Ghantabari is the pride of Santal community since the period of civilization called Sosnok' Jug in Hor-dishom. It was the period when Kherwal people lived together at a particular region for more than four thousand years and enjoyed most peaceful, prosperous and happy life style. No outsiders could invade this rich territory due to the vast dence forest (Bir dishom). It is said that our forefathers had built our forts by some Paris (Clans) and ruled the country by the then Raj-Rapaj (kings/ parganas).



Lugu Buru is considered to be the founding father of the Santhal. It is believed that he was incarnation of God who had divine power. He could change or transform himself in any form as he later converted himself from divine person to the hills and forest which is now known as Lugu Buru hill. Lugu Buru, a place or an


What we Do?

what we do

Name and fame of the Luguburu Ghantabari is directly related to the source & force of Santal custom & usages coming since its inception which are depicted in their various tales, short history and songs, known to the Santal community and outside of the World.Our main aims and objectives are to light its importance and recognition in the community and looking for socio-religious identity and existence of the Santal community.

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Donate us

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How we Work?

As known to all of us, on the full moon day of November (Sohray Kunami/ Kartik Purnima), each year, thousands and thousands religious followers from all over the country and outside are gathered at Luguburu Ghantabari to worships Lugubaba.In religious gathering discussions are held on socio-religion, custom & usages of Santal community for its enrichment. We as followers of Lugubaba high light socio-religion, custom & traditions of Santal community through printing of socio-religious books, making documentary films and arranging meetings etc. The Santal custom & usages are unique of its kind in the World which are to be propagated through web based too.